Granola - 2

Granola – the kind with warm, rich flavors that’s just hearty enough for cold Fall mornings – is my favorite! I’m drawn to granola because there are so many different textures and flavors, and to call it a boring breakfast would be grossly inaccurate. Granola is versatile – especially this recipe. I don’t have any […]

ancient grain bread 3

Gluten-free bread is expensive if you’ve scanned the grocery aisles recently. The speciality flours aren’t cheap either. Over the past year, I’ve built my pantry and it’s now overflowing with gluten-free flours. Now is the time to utilize my random purchases! I found this recipe “Whole Grain Gluten-Free Bread” by The Gluten Free Goddess. Here’s […]

squash pasta copy

It’s Summer and the living is easy. When it’s hot, the less cooking the better. This brings me to this dish – raw summer squash pasta with tomatoes and crispy kale. It’s flavorful, rich, and very light and refreshing! The best thing: no heat! Make yourself this “pasta,” pour yourself a glass of white wine, […]

Samosa Salad_5

“Could you be vegan?” I asked my friend. She said “I think it would be hard to give up so much.” Unless a dish is labeled vegan, you may not even think about how your dish fits into a dietary category. Instead, you’ll dive into the flavors and ingredients and appreciate the food for what […]

Gone Girl Photo

Running to grab a New York Times best-selling fiction book isn’t usually on my to-do list, but something about Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl was alluring. Yes, it’s popular. Very popular. Yes, it’s going to be turned into a film starring Ben Affleck. And yes, I wanted to get wrapped up in an easy, Summer read. […]

Boeuf Bourgignon 2

Ever since watching Julie and Julia, I’ve wanted to make Julia Child’s famous boeuf bourguignon and the time is finally here! My boyfriend and I are having my aunt and uncle over for dinner — my aunt’s milestone birthday is approaching and what better excuse for our first dinner party at home! Making this dish […]


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